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Liberty Cargo Company, a family-run business, is looking for exceptional individuals to join our team as local truck drivers. Ours is a mission-driven organization where drivers form the very heart of our operations. We will take the company to greater heights, using late-model trucks that prioritize safety and comfort.

Benefits of Truck Driver Jobs

Truck driver jobs offer the benefits of competitive pay, diverse travel opportunities, and the satisfaction of playing a crucial role in the transportation of goods across regions.

Our Pay – $.65 cents per odometer mile

Drivers interested in high-paying truck driver jobs will find our competitive pay rate of .65 cents per odometer mile especially rewarding. This rate reflects our trucking opportunities’ lucrative compensation, ensuring our drivers are well compensated for their dedication and hard work.

Health Insurance benefit

We’re a company hiring truck drivers. Our jobs offer essential health insurance coverage for peace of mind and support on the road. Join us for a driving career that cares for your well-being.

Retirement benefit

Truck driver jobs may include valuable retirement benefits, ensuring financial security and peace of mind for drivers as they plan for the future.

Downtime pay

Regional truck driver jobs in our company include downtime pay, ensuring drivers are compensated during periods without driving. This benefit contributes to job satisfaction and financial stability, highly rewarding our regional truck driving positions.

Best States for a Truck Driver

Hiring Area

North Dakota

South Dakota













Embark on a rewarding journey with Liberty Cargo Services today! We’re looking to hire CDL drivers for our CDL truck driving jobs, including local, regional, and OTR CDL truck driver positions. Explore exciting truck driver opportunities with competitive pay and comprehensive benefits, including health insurance and retirement plans, and experience the support of downtime pay. With Liberty Cargo, take the wheel of your career—apply now and drive towards a fulfilling future.

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