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Charting New Horizons in Your Trucking Career

As you navigate the pivotal moments of your trucking career, set your course through the dynamic landscapes of Illinois. Liberty Cargo Company, a cornerstone of commitment and heritage in the trucking sector, upholds principles of safety, well-being, and prosperity for its team members. Whether your journey entails becoming a truck driver in Illinois or delving into the realm of OTR driver jobs within the state, the doors are wide open. Liberty Cargo is looking for dedicated individuals to join its ranks.

Discover why Illinois is the journey and the destination of your trucking career. Unveil the plethora of business and career opportunities awaiting truck driving jobs in Illinois.

Truck Driving Jobs In Illinois: A Fusion Of Heritage And Innovation

Illinois trucking is more than an industry; it mirrors heritage and tradition on the threshold of the new time. Such a modern fleet screams the commitment to keep drivers safe on the roads and, at the same time, offer them comfortable working conditions. Whether your search focuses on ‘truck driving jobs in IL’ or, precisely, ‘truck driver CDL jobs in Illinois,’ Liberty Cargo Company emerges as a beacon of opportunity and professional growth.

From the hustle of Chicago streets to the quiet Mississippi shores, traveling through the vibrant cities and charming countryside of Illinois is not just a job but a professional development journey filled with stability and camaraderie from a community on the go. Join us and let Illinois be your landmark state, where your career doesn’t just take a turn for the better but soars to new heights.

Why Drive for Us in Illinois?

Scenic Routes

Illinois’s vast landscapes offer a serene backdrop for your drives. Experience the beauty of the Midwest as you traverse this great state.

Community Spirit

Feel the warmth of a community that respects and values the trucking profession. Here, you are not just a driver; you are part of a family.

Our Unmatched Pay and Benefits

At Liberty Cargo Company, we understand that the heart of our business is our drivers. That’s why we offer a comprehensive benefits package that caters to your needs:

Competitive Pay

Illinois’s vast landscapes offer a serene backdrop for your drives. As you traverse this great state, experience the beauty of the Midwest.

Health Insurance

Your well-being is our priority. Benefit from our health insurance plans designed to keep you and your family healthy and secure.

Retirement Benefits

Plan for your future with our retirement benefits, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind as you navigate your career.

Downtime Pay

We value your rest as much as your work. Our downtime pay ensures that your off-road time is just as rewarding.

Join the Liberty Cargo Company Family

Are you ready to start your journey with us in Illinois? Explore the opportunities and benefits that await you. Contact us at or call 701-975-3281.

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